Kubernetes-native Openstack

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KupenStack is an open-source project that provides Kubernetes-native OpenStack on top of a Kubernetes cluster, in form of containerized Openstack cluster. With a vision of lifecycle management and usage through custom resources in Kubernetes thus abstracting Openstack complexities and automating IaaS use cases.

Kupenstack does not modify Kubernetes or OpenStack, instead, it uses their standard APIs in its control loops to provide k8s-native IaaS experience to the users.

// Benefits of Kubernetes-native Openstack

Provides Self-provisioned Openstack cluster

kupenstack self-deploys its own Openstack cluster. Using single Cluster Approach. The ook cluster has containerized openstack components making them pluggable.
Provides cloud-native Operations on Openstack as automation

Features provided by Kupenstack are built and wrapped following cloud-native principles and abstracting behind controller loops and custom resources.
Gives unified API

Covering Openstack with CRs gives interoperability to use kubectl(/k8s apis) as a single tool for cloud management.

// Plugable OpenStack

In Kupenstack, all openstack components are containerized and are very pluggable as long as they are compatible with Openstack-helm container images. KupenStack sticks to use OpenStack-Helm project as a baseline to deploy Openstack cluster providing trust to prevent vendor lockings.

// Wider Ecosystem

KupenStack aims on to ensuring a wider ecosystem for OpenStack cloud by enabling possible k8s toolings like helm, prometheus, Grafana, GitOps, etc with OpenStack VMs and other resources.